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At Deep Roots Life School, we can truly build the relationships and make the impacts that our souls desire to build and to make. A lot of societal structures fall short of truly showing up for children the way that is most therapeutic and inspiring for them as they learn to navigate their brains within this giant and confusing world. Having experienced this lack so deeply and personally for so many years, I have now been able to discover and create the remedy. The remedy is Deep Roots Life School; A school that is made to:
     1. Awaken the naturalist intelligence that we all have within and learn to seek our inner teacher for answers. 
  2. Increase self sufficiency through deep nature connection, a deep knowledge of self and the learning of life-saving skills.
3. Foster social emotional health and hone in on relationship skills both with self and with others.
4. Encourage positive community action and the discovery of personal passions/purposes.